Virtual Environments from SciencEngines

Our virtual environments are the next best thing to being there. We can create a fully-navigable operating 3D model of any existing or planned environment. At SciencEngines, we have pioneered techniques and technologies that make these models realistic, affordable and quick to build. Our software is designed to run on systems as simple as a laptop.

  • Design/Redesign - you can test out new designs for facilities before taking the expensive step of building them.
  • Training - you can train your new staff members or outside contractors to be familiar with your equipment and facility before they ever arrive.
  • Tours - take your customers and prospects on a virtual tour of your facilities in operation, without safety, noise, security and other concerns.
  • Meetings - hold internal and customer meetings and have a model of your facilities at hand.
  • Assessments - do audits and projections of safety, security, ADA and EPA compliance and other assessments. Use the model to debug problems in your operations.
  • Sales - your customers can see your products in operation and assess your manufacturing capabilities.
  • Conferences - portability makes our virtual models available anywhere at any time.
  • Web Meetings - our virtual models are compatible with web conferenceing systems such as WebEx.


Models can be built of indoor or outdoor environments, as small as a room or as large as a neighborhood.

virtual trees in forest virtual lab

You can determine the complexity and operation of the virtual models:

  • Lighting - color, intensity, effects
  • Sound - voice, music, noises, tones, intensity, effects
  • Complex objects - equipment, computers, vehicles, fluids, products
  • Animation - full 3D motion, friction, acceleration, complex equipment operation
  • Avatars - human, animal, equipment or other object
  • Multiuser - more than one participant can navigate the environment independently and simultaneously
virtual fountain in lobby virtual pipes in factory