Mapping from SciencEngines

Maps are created using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). GIS can be used to provide analysis and active capabilities to applications.

SciencEngines has experience in all of the major GIS and mapping systems including ESRI and Google.

Mapping Capabilities
  • Simple Maps - Thematic, geographic, topographical, etc.
  • pennsylvania metropolitan statistical areas map earthquakes around the united states map
  • Map Analysis - buffers, markets, proximity, business and other analyses.
  • Animation - full motion, route following, time changes.
  • Other Spatial Applications - plants, buildings, abstract, and virtual spaces.
  • Embedded Mapping - We can embed GIS capabilities into your application. Information can flow between your application and the GIS.
  • Imaging - Satellite and aerial photography, LIDAR, infrared.
  • Web Mapping - We can integrate mapping systems such as Google Maps, ArcGIS and other commercial systems into your web application