Knowledge Management from SciencEngines

Knowledge is the intellectual capital that drives organizations and makes them more effective in today's competitive and resource constrained environment.

Knowledge Management Cycle

The knowledge management cycle is shown below. It consistes of five phases: Capture, Organization, Storage, Retrieval and Mining. Successful knowledge management systems can create and capture new knowledge by combining existing knowledge in new and interesting ways.

knowledge management cycle
  • Capture - Many organizations do a good job at collecting documents, electronic transactions and other artifacts of doing business. The key component that is often missed is the knowledge that is present in the minds of the organization's subject matter experts. This knowledge is often lost when the employee leaves, retires or dies. SciencEngines has developed specific techniques and technologies to capture this human knowledge as well as the more traditional forms of knowledge.
  • Organization - Our internationally renowned expertise in metadata can provide complex structures to describe and integrate your knowledge.
  • Storage - The SciencEngines team is well versed in multiple commercial Database Management Systems. We have expertise in relational and object based technologies. We have experience in audio, video and multimedia structures and storage.
  • Retrieval - Many retrieval systems (e.g. Google, Bing, etc.) present data as ordered lists of information. We have developed visual systems that present information that is easily understood and actionable by users.
  • Mining - We have a portfolio of statistical, heuristic and analytic tools to mine data. We are particularly skilled at providing interfaces to allow your human subject matter experts to discover new relationships in massive data sets.