This is where your organization asserts their identity in the industry. What do you do? How do you do it? What will be happening in the future? The above word cloud will contain the buzzwords that you want to talk about. Clicking on any of the words would then load up a blurb in place of this text.
Relevance Panel

This is the section to discuss how your organization is relevant in today's market. What is unique about the current industry that you provide the best solution for? Is it that best price point? Least environmental impact? Both? Talk about how you fit in to the market with your distributors and the organizations you buy from.

Achievement Panel

This is where to discuss acheivements that your organization has accomplished. This includes things such as ISO certifications, government awards, community awards, etc. Show your leadership from your recognitions.

Push Panel

This is where you plug in the current "goings-on" about your organization. Include recent news here, Twitter posts, recent customer testimonials, maybe an interview with one of your employees, community interests.